If you love beer visit Rochefort, Belgium

After a morning cycle along the river Meuse we had our first stealthy campervan shower. A bucket of water and a sponge with a retractable shower pole between our doors holding up a shower curtain. We do have a 12v shower but are not sure on the etiquette of using these in aires where other people are around due to the amount of water and soap being used.

Today we leave for Rochefort in Belgium, only an hours drive away across the border from France. The drive is quiet, tree lined and beautiful. Crossing the border is easy, you drive over a river and we are there, no border control. We are looking forward to tasting some Trappist beers this evening (prior warning that most of the photos of us in Rochefort include us drinking beer, lots of gorgeous Belgian beer). We notice signs for Friteries everywhere, the Belgians love their chips!

Our Aire for the evening is in a car park in the centre of town, it’s not very busy so we get a spot easily. This aire is also free, this Camperstop  book is coming in really handy.

The first thing we do is head to a bar to sit in the sun and order a Trappist beer. Traditional for this area these beers are brewed in monasteries, sometimes by monks. The waiters know their stuff, I tell them what flavours I like and he brings me a surprise choice. His choice was spot on and we really don’t want to leave. Nothing beats a chilled beer in the sunshine. You can people watch here easily, it’s a popular place for cyclists and stag do’s.

One of the fun experiences in Rochefort is drinking your beer from a horn. We ordered a glass horn at a vintage pub up the road, it’s cheap, fun and delicious.

Beer here is a lot cheaper than in Paris so we stock up at the local supermarket, when it’s €1 for a craft Belgian beer that will cost triple that in the UK your van bar is going to get full quickly.

Here Phil meets our neighbours who are in need of some help reattaching their door to their campervan. Not sure how it happened but the offer of a free beer is enticing.

Tomorrow we leave for our next stop before we are in Brugge.

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